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Widespan Floor Protector/Shim

Use Widespan Floor Protector/Shim to protect floors under Widespan posts. Two Shims are required per Uprite Frame.

Widespan Floor Anchor

Use Uprite Frame Anchor to secure Uprite Frame to floor. Anchor is required when height-to-depth ratio exceeds 6 to 1 and to meet certain seismic anchoring specifications. Includes Uprite mounting hardware, but Anchor bolt is not included.

Widespan Uprite Top Cap

Top Caps trim the top of Uprites and are included with all new Uprites.

Widespan Uprite Connector

Use a Widespan Uprite Connector to extend your Widespan Uprite Frames. Connectors are included when ordering Two-Piece Uprite Frames. Two Connectors are required per Uprite Frame (front and rear).

Widespan Back-To-Back Connector

Use a Widespan Back-to-Back Connector to space back-to-back Widespan runs. Designed to space uprites 2 ¼” apart.

Widespan Beam Locking Hardware

Use Beam Locking Hardware at the top slot of Uprite to prevent Beam movement. Use at each end of Beam or where two adjacent Beams meet in same slot. Hardware must be used when not using Shelf Supports.

Widespan Beam Locking Clip

Widespan Beam Locking Clips snap into Uprite slots to prevent Beam movement. Use at each end of Beam or where two adjacent Beams meet in same slot. Clips must be used when not using Shelf Supports and can be used in any Beam location except the top slot of the Uprite.

Widespan/Multi-Function Low Profile Gravity Flow/Flat Beam

Widespan/Multi-Function Gravity/Flat Wire Shelf

Widespan Low Profile Shelf Support

Widespan Dividers

Divide merchandise on your Gravity Flow Shelf with Dividers. Available 3″H and in depth that matches Shelf depth.

Widespan/Multi-Function Gravity Flow Fronts

Order Gravity Flow Wire Fronts to retain product on your Gravity Flow Wire Shelves. Select Wire Front size that is taller than the center of gravity of the displayed product.

Widespan Gravity Flow Wire Shelf Assembly

Widespan Gravity Flow Waterfall Wire Shelf

Widespan Gravity Flow Lane Guides

Widespan Gravity Flow Inverted Beam

Widespan Gravity Flow Battery Rack

Widespan Shelf Support

Widespan Wire Grid Shelf

Widespan Particleboard Shelf

Widespan Beam

Widespan Shelf Assembly

The Widespan Shelf Assembly is available in two types: Particleboard and Wiregrid.

Widespan Two-Piece Uprite Frame (Taller Than 120″)

Widespan Uprite Frame requires two-piece assemblies for units over 120”

Widespan Uprite Frame (One-Piece 48″H – 120″H)

S-Series Storage Shelving Lock Washers

S-Series Storage Screw

S Series Storage Screw is used to connect two Open Uprite Assemblies, and to fasten Back Panels to Uprite Assemblies.

S-Series Storage Floor Protector/Shim

Shim levels Storage Shelving Uprites on uneven floors and protects the floor from scratching.

S-Series Storage Floor Anchor

Fasten Uprite Assembly to floor with S-Series Floor Anchor.

S-Series Storage Uprite Connector

Use S Series Uprite Connector to increase the height of your S Series Storage Uprite Assembly. Two Connectors are required per Assembly.

S-Series Storage Back-To-Back Connector

S-Series Back-to-Back Connector joins Closed Uprite Assemblies in Storage Shelving runs to create a double-entry island.

S-Series Storage Sliding Divider

S Series Sliding Divider hooks onto front edge of Shelf to separate merchandise.

S-Series Storage Back Panel Splicer

Plastic splicer for two-piece S-Series Storage Shelving Back Panels.

S-Series Storage Shelving Back Panels

S-Series Back Panel can be used to stabilize S-Series Shelving. Use on back of section to create a closed or “closet” section.

S-Series Storage Crossbrace

S-Series Storage Shelves

S-Series Storage Shelves are available in three versions: Regular Duty Particleboard, Heavy Duty Particleboard, and Wire Grid.

S-Series Storage Shelving Uprite Assembly

S-Series Storage Shelving Sections

Widespan Tire Rack

This display for auto tires utilizes Widespan components.

Widespan Shelving System

Widespan includes four basic components: Uprite Frames, Beams, Shelf Supports, and Shelves. Widespan features a clear opening between Uprite Frames, and Shelves are adjustable 2″ on center.

S-Series Storage Shelving

S Series Storage Shelving features integrated wood and steel construction for strength and economy. Shelves come pre-assembled for ease of installation and includes all-steel Uprites, one-piece Shelves and Crossbraces.

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